Beginning January 2020, Deutsche-Tec Asia Co. Ltd Bangkok, is our new branch in Thailand. With our experienced team, we take care for all ASEAN customers. Our Manager and Part-Owner on site, Mr. Michael Ratazy and his team are looking forward to your request.

From the 1st of January we are a distributor of CRAFT bearings More than just a good alternative to all the well known premium brands

Craft Bearing is a sucsessful sponsor of the Paris - Dakar rally

CRAFT bearings is the fastest growing company in the economical bearing segment, supplying a comprehensive range of industrial, automotive and agricultural bearings. The price/performance ratio of their products is unbeatable!

 CRAFT bearings are a good alternative to all the well known premium brands. Therefore, before you approach a NO NAME brand and stand a risk of using defective and failing bearings in order to save, try out CRAFT bearings. Coming from the EU, CRAFT bearings perform all the necessary tests and have the quality certificates available.

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CEROBEAR & SLF Hybrid Bearings for the Beverage filling and Food Industry. Only available at Bev-Tec: all bearings are original OEM Bearings.

Cam Roller for KRONES

All hybrid bearings for the filling industry are developed and distributed by us are exclusively OEM products "Made in Germany". These bearings were developed and manufactured in cooperation with and on behalf of the filling machine manufacturers (Krones, Sidel, KHS & CSI and others). 

For demanding applications such as those in a filling systems, bearings must be biologically and chemically harmless and therefor all materials used, need to be FDA approved. On the other hand, bearings at such application must withstand the aggressive but hygienically unavoidable CIP & SIP processes. Our hybrid bearings consist of high-nitrogen, non-corrosive steel rings, cages made of PEEK and Si3N4 (silicone nitride) rolling elements The combination of these special materials, and the fact that these bearings are therefore suitable for dry-running, make these bearings what they are: suitable for aseptic filling application. 

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We offer hybrid bearings in X105 steel rings, Si3N4 balls. Made in our own Bearing Manufacture. We also offer full ceramic bearings, made to order

BT61810 in X105 rings, Si3N4 balls and PEEK cage

High-End stainless steel hybrid bearings made at our own Bearing Manufacture. We use X105 steel for the rings, Si3N4 balls and cages are free to chose: PEEK, PTFE, PA or stainless steel. Nearly all types of ball bearings are available, please send us your inquiry.

Additional are our full ceramic bearings. Nearly all types of ball bearings are available, please send us your inquiry.

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