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Here you can search for protucts or request your special, new developed bearing. Use the "Search" field" to find a OEM or Brand, e.g. Krones, SKF. Additionally you can put the bearing type, e.g. 61808 or the Krones number into the "search query" field -  now press "start search". You will imediately find the right bearing. If you just fill one of does fields, you eighter find all Krones bearings or all bearings of one type, e.g. 61808. Click on the particular bearing(s) you are interestet in and it will show up at the inquiry list. Click "start inquiry" and the list will be added to the contact sheet. Now just fillin your coordinates and "submit" the list to us, we will contact you as soon as possible. 

For new developements just write "new" into the "search query" and follow the procedure above. Please use the text field to give us as much information as you have - or simply ask for a phone call.

Looking forward to your inquiry! Thank you.


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